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The Most Weedful and Needful things around.....

Gift Boxes - At WeedfulThingsUK we love creating, we do what we love. We believe in the products, and the people behind the products on our page, and work only with the highest standard of both! We curate custom gift boxes, just for you from the best brands and people available!

Prefer to dab? - We gotcha! Need a one off pressie for the other half? - Done! Just want someone to put something amazing together for you, wrap it, and sent it to you - because you deserve a present too? - it's our pleasure! Themed, one off, personalized, monthly, your box, your choice.

We can mix boxes with jewellery, vapes, accessories, bongs, pipes, skincare, make up, ashtrays, rigs, anything we have or can get our hands on!

Product Photography - We love taking pictures, showcasing the latest needful, & weedful products, and introducing them to people in the most creative ways! If you would like to arrange a themed product photo shoot, contact us for more info!

Customization - Ask and ye shall receive! Whether it's hemp inspired furniture or a unique gift box, we specialize in the personal touch, and are happy to take commissions. Just contact us with any questions or specifics.


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