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How much can we fit in a gift box_😂🤷‍♀

Welcome to WeedfulThings

For all things weedful, and needful....

At WeedfulThings we specialize in the luxury side of weedful, and needful headshop accessories. We offer local and global brands - both new, and established - the best quality supplies, as well as offering the option to curate your very own perfectly customized gift box.

Proud UK Stockist of Abscent Bags, PotheadCoffee, BeautifulBurns and ElephantRollingPapers, Herbal Hampers, Raw, Balcony Blacksmith, FashionablyHigh, BlingyourBud, Haute Smokes and many more......

Every purchase comes with extra free goodies - making every buy a gift!


Weedful Needful Things

You Need It - We’ve Got It

Rolling Papers

Whether you’re just looking to top up on rolling papers, or for something extra special - we have it all! From @thepaperplanedr_ all the way in NYC making handmade crutches, to @beautifulburnsrollingpapers designer prerolled cones, to some Gucci or Raw - we got you!

Custom Themed Smoke Boxes

Once you start incorporating cannacraft in your day, you’ll be totally hooked. No matter how you use them, our high-quality products will be the source of endless inspiration. Just pick a theme and we will  do the rest!

Fashionably High

We have the privilege of being the UK stockist for the uniquely beautiful @fashionablyhigh.ca - from Tea Cups to Totes, do it Fashionably High!

Most Weedful Things

We carry a huge selection of accessories, including the must haves of the industry - the original, and only Smell Absorbent Bags you need to know of @abscent.eu , a rising bud Mr @blingyourbud himself with the Nug and Leaf Jewellery, @thehempress UK for all things lux bathe, @hash_street_kid - The most unique handmade dab tools, @lolastouchjewellery and her cannarings - just to name afew!